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Current Machinery at our Newcastle CNC Workshop

Quickturn is a state-of-the-art Newcastle CNC workshop facility, developing precision solutions for niche industries and other machine shops since 1986. To keep producing the most precise, quality machined works on the market, we’ve continually adapted to new CNC technology. We’re serious about our ISO 9001 certification commitments and have well experienced floor operators to ensure our reputation for quality work and low turnaround times continue.

If you need help coping with demand or just want to discuss the particulars of our equipment, give us a call on (02) 4956 6360 or get a quote online.

Mazak Machinery:

We’ve been using Mazak CNC since our inception in 1986, adopting the second generation of machines as they had just come out. Mazak Machinery has a stellar reputation within the industry for durability and quality output. We keep our machinery in great shape by having it regularly serviced by authorised Mazak repairers. Currently, we have nine CNC machines, including the Mazak Integrex, Nexus and VCS machines in various sizes, configurations and operating output capabilities.

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Professional Operators:

Precision CNC machines are only as good as the operators sitting behind them. At any one time, we have five tradesmen on the floor working on and observing our machinery as it operates. Our team are some of the most experienced milling and CNC operators in the industry; all our tradesmen have a minimum decade of experience, with one of them having experience dating back 25 years.

We were early adapters of CNC technology back in 1986. As a family-run business, the second generation started learning how to use CNC equipment at an early age, and today a third-generation is learning the art of CNC production and CAD. We live and breathe CNC, having a healthy relationship with Mazak to ensure we stay at the forefront of technology and that our machines are constantly up to date and running efficiently.

ISO 9001 Certification:

We have audits every year to remain ISO 9001 certified and keep up to date with the latest provisions. In addition, we hire an independent auditor to inspect our facilities to ensure we pick up on procedural faults and inefficiencies before they become major problems. Our commitment to ISO 9001 certifications ensures we have a system in place to review outgoing products for defects and continually check up on production processes for efficiency. This is how we’re able to continue churning out incredibly precise CNC-manufactured products in an array of materials on-time and without fault.

Newcastle CNC Workshop

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