Design Consultation
Metal-based manufacturing industry

Design Consultation

Quickturn are a precision milling and manufacturing workshop based in Newcastle providing CNC design consultation to adapt your designs for production. We’ve been producing highly accurate CAD designs and CNC machining since 1986 and understand the intricacies of complex and effective design. Our team works closely with any engineers or designers you have to produce a solution within scope and budget with on time delivery. In addition to consultation and drafting services, we can perform the entire manufacturing and assembly process completely in-house.

Give us a call on (02) 4956 6360 or arrange a quote online to see what we’re capable of.

Collaborative Designs:

We’re experienced in working with everyone from large scale engineering teams to single product designers and can modify existing designs to suit precise CNC production. We work with engineering designs or product drawings to build CAD drawings from scratch and if you intend to get manufacturing done elsewhere, we can adapt them to suit other CNC equipment.

Types of products we design and manufacture include:

  • High pressure fittings and connectors
  • Proprietary technology
  • Marine technology
  • Mechanical components, e.g. custom bellhousings

Continued Support:

The benefit of having us take care of the CNC design and manufacturing stage is the continued support that we’re able to provide throughout the lifespan of the product. If the product requires continued servicing or has an unexpected break-down, you know that our team has your custom design on hand and can quickly produce a new part from scratch. Read more about our CNC manufacturing capabilities.

One case study we often like to reference is our work for a local fishing trawler company. We did the drafting, engineering, designing and machining completely in-house for a custom level wind system built on a 75 ft trawler. By having us do this, we’re able to provide accurate estimates on replacement intervals and produce a surplus of parts to keep it in good shape continually. You don’t need to sacrifice on parts availability just because you require specialised equipment.


If you don’t have any existing designs to work off, have our in-house design team put together something completely from scratch for you. We’ll work closely with you, putting together a precise CAD drawing designed specifically for your intended application, ready for manufacture whenever necessary. Visit our page on drafting services to see more of what we’re capable of.

CNC Design Consultation & Collaboration

For expert design consultation and adaptation of your existing product design for CNC production, give Quickturn a call on (02) 4956 6360. We’ll work with any existing plans or drawings you have to develop a working CNC-ready solution.