About Us
cnc metal working machining center with cutter tool

About Quickturn: Precision CNC Milling

Richard Rhodes established Quickturn in 1986, one of the first machine shops with CNC machinery in Newcastle. A machinist by trade working for BHP, Richard saw the progression of CNC machines and jumped on early, purchasing second-generation Mazak CNC machines and starting up his own shop. Since then, we’ve gradually expanded into a reputable precision CNC machining workshop used by the likes of Pirtek, Thiess and Australian Reinforcement Company as well as a multitude of in-house engineering and design teams for OEMs and specialty products.

Our Equipment and Operators:

All our tradesmen on the floor currently have a minimum of ten years’ experience in CNC operation and milling, with some staff having up to 25 years of experience in the industry. Although precision CNC milling has a reputation for quality that speaks for itself, the design and end product are only as good as the person behind the machine. We’re professionally trained in CNC operation and have specialists in CAD design to tackle any design completely in-house.

We use Mazak machinery exclusively and have done so since our inception. Mazak machinery has a proven reputation in the industry as one of the most reliable precision CNC milling machines on the market. We like to remain on the forefront of technology and are always looking at new CNC advancements. Our equipment is regularly serviced by authorised repairers for Mazak to keep them running accurately and reliably.

Read more about our machinery and operators here.

Where Your Dreams Come to Life:

We’re a CNC design studio where your dreams can come to life. With the expertise of our staff and our state-of-the-art equipment, we can make almost anything happen. We don’t expect our customers to have any technical knowledge; we work with everyone from commercial mining engineers to small start-up companies.

Industries and products we work with include:

  • Mining
  • OEM
  • Marine
  • Construction
  • General engineering
  • Aftermarket and reproduction parts
  • Agricultural

We provide both design consultation and design drafting services. Our team can work closely with your engineering and design department, make adjustments to an existing design you’ve got, or if you’ve just got an idea, we can design a custom solution from scratch. The possibilities are endless.

ISO Accreditation with Regular Inspections:

Our workshop is ISO 9001 QMS (quality management system) accredited to assure our customers that we can meet product criteria and deadlines reliably. Our workshop facilities are audited every year by the accreditors, and accreditation must be performed every three years. To ensure we aren’t falling short on our industry-acclaimed milling accuracy and production efficiency, we also have an independent auditor in once a month. We like to pick up on miniscule production errors, variations and inconsistencies before they amount to a large-scale problem.