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Quickturn are a Newcastle based machine shop providing CNC precision machining services for all industries with Australia-wide delivery and short turnaround times. We’ve got an experienced team of operators, each with at least 10 years’ experience, plus the latest Mazak CNC equipment to produce accurate, highly detailed CNC machining. We’re ISO 9001 certified and have regular audits conducted to ensure we’re holding true to our acclaimed standards.

For short turnaround times with accommodating design and machining staff, give Quickturn a call on (02) 4956 6360 or get a quote online.

Commercial capabilities:

Products we commonly mill include:

  • Hydraulic fittings and connectors
  • Engine components (heads, blocks, shafts & more)
  • Structural components (including construction and mining industry, e.g. strata control)
  • Specialised metal parts
  • Visual design

Our production facilities are catered towards commercial volume production and complex design. We happily work with small and large businesses and can provide tailored quotes based on the volume you intend to produce. Visit our page on materials to see what our machines are capable of milling. If you’ve got an existing design that needs some adjustments, we’ve got design consultation services that can be included in the quote, as well as drafting services to build a from-scratch CAD file design based on any simple sketches or ideas you may have.

ISO Certification:

Our facilities are compliant with ISO 9001 quality management system certification. In addition to our annual ISO audits and re-compliance every three years, we have an independent auditor in every month. This allows us to pick up on any manufacturing inconsistencies or shortfalls in turnover times before they become major problems. A big part of the reason we’re renown for delivering quality products to expectations is because of how seriously we take our ISO certification standards.

Our Machinery:

Our precision CNC milling and turning machines are multi-function, state-of-the-art systems that operate on 5-axis simultaneously, ensuring a smooth, intricate and beautiful final product. Sitting behind our machinery are our experienced operators, each with over 10+ years of experience, who live and breathe CNC precision milling.

Capabilities of our milling machines include:

  • Milling
  • Turning
  • Interpolation
  • Drilling
  • Broaching
  • Shaping

We stay up to date with the latest state of the art machinery to improve build quality and turnover times for our clients. To see our current line of equipment and its capabilities, visit our machinery page.

CNC Precision Machining

Get in touch with Quickturn to get a quote or arrange a consultation on our CNC precision machining services. Delivery is available Australia-wide. Call (02) 4956 6360