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Precision CNC Manufacturing

Quickturn are precision CNC manufacturing experts, building ground-up solutions for Australian companies with state-of-the-art equipment. We’ve been using CNC equipment for over three decades and some of our staff have up to 25 years’ experience in the industry. Our team develops all-in-one solutions across all sectors, including mining, marine, OEM, construction, agricultural and many more. We can take care of final assembly and deliver finished products Australia-wide.

Get a quote online or give us a call on (02) 4956 6360 to arrange a consultation and see our CNC manufacturing facilities are capable of.

All-in-One Solutions:

Due to the varied nature of the different products we manufacture for our clients, we’ll sit down with you and work out the most economical and efficient procedure to manufacture any products with multiple parts. If, for example, there needs to be a wooden part manufactured or sheet welding rather than milling in some areas, we can arrange for sub-contractors to build any parts that we’re not equipped to. Sub-contractors we use are thoroughly vetted to ensure they hold up to the same high standard of quality expected from Quickturn.

Our machine operators each have over 10 years of experience in CNC operation and milling, so you can be rest assured that the full potential of your design will be realised. Couple this with state-of-the-art equipment, including 5-axis CNC machines, and you’ll see why our CNC manufacturing facility has the professional reputation that it does. We source high quality materials and can source just about any kind of metal or specialised alloy you desire.

Drafting and Design Consultation:

Our design can collaborate effectively with any sized design and engineering team or draw up a draft completely from scratch if you’ve got a really good idea but no technical drawings available. Design consultation services and from-scratch drafting services can be included in your quote. We’ll sit down and discuss your design, what you expect from it and get into the nitty gritty details to ensure the finalised product is as expected.

Things we’ll look at include:

  • The type of material
  • Design constraints
  • Structural integrity
  • Intended quantity
  • Budget per unit
  • Any existing available designs to draw inspiration from
  • Any specialised product requirements

Our team can adapt existing drawings to CAD or rough out some drawings and build a CAD from scratch for your design.

Efficient Assembly:

Our team are equipped to perform final assembly on smaller milled items, though we’re happy to outsource this if you’d like a completed all-in-one solution on a complex item (e.g. an engine). The possibilities are endless, and we encourage you to give us a call and arrange a consultation and witness our CNC manufacturing capabilities first-hand. We’ll work with you closely to not only design and manufacture the product of your dreams, but also an efficient assembly schedule to maximise quality control and minimise turnaround times.

ISO Certification:

Our workshop facilities are ISO 9001 certified, undergoing yearly audits and re-certification every three years. ISO 9001 certification ensures that we have a thorough management system in place to ensure consistency in our manufacturing, with tight turnaround times and quality standards expected of a professional CNC manufacturing plant. To show how serious we take our ISO commitments, we have an independent inspector visit our facilities every month to ensure we’re not dropping the ball.

Precision CNC Manufacturing

For a quote on precision CNC manufacturing using the latest Mazak CNC equipment, give Quickturn a call on (02) 4956 6360. Our experienced operators will ensure your design gets the intricacy and attention to detail your design deserves.